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(donate blood today!)

Blood! [05 Dec 2007|11:11pm]

Kudos to everyone who donated blood at Metro today! Bunny is proud of you. Yes, even you.

You have made Bunny feel buoyant and boisterous today.

Please share your inspiration tales of losing massive amounts of blood cells.

(100 pints donated | donate blood today!)

Blood Buddies Goes Public [02 Jun 2006|09:58pm]

Hear ye, hear ye for this tremendous day in history . . .

In case you don't have a calender, it's Friday, June 2nd, 2006 AD in this hemisphere . . .

But anyway, on this tremendous day in history . . .

Actually, it could also be June 2nd, 18 A.B. (Anno Bunni), approximating Bunny's age . . .

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, on this tremendous day in history . . .


And our awe-inspiring dictator has also created the First-Ever, Unheard-Of, Never-Before Seen, Completely New and Astonishing Blood Buddies Facebook Community (FEUNBSCNABBFC).

But alas, we don't have enough impressive officer titles to make ourselves look like a pompous, exclusive society. So I made a list of impressive officer titles that mean absolutely nothing. You can claim them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

1) Acclaimed Acronym and Alliteration Approver (AAAAA)
2) Secretary of Office Supplies . . . and Homeland Security
3) Commander of Unarmed Forces
4) Mail Inspector for Postal-Service Vacation Days Only
5) IQ Metric Converter (converts your IQ to the metric system, so French people won't think you're dumb)
6) Head of Blood Buddies Relations with Kidney Kids and other degenerate groups.
7) Publisher of ID-10-T forms
8) Timekeeper (must be able to keep track of at least 10 real time zones and 5 imaginary ones sanctioned by the Theory of Relativity)

(donate blood today!)

Bunny goes to California [22 Apr 2006|02:24pm]


(40 pints donated | donate blood today!)

New Territory . . . [11 Apr 2006|05:04pm]

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Great Bunny has proposed expanding our glorious community to Facebook! Think of all of the people we could convert to blood buddies! And uncharted territory to be conquered! But who would dare to venture on such a bold expedition?

Bunny, being a wise and democratic dictator, is asking for your opinion.

(30 pints donated | donate blood today!)

Kitty, Come Out and Play...Ow! Shit! That hurt!...Kitty, please go away. [18 Mar 2006|02:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Bunny seems a bit on the...how shall I put it?...the slow side.

Besides, everyone knows it is all about cats, who make me bleed. Bleed with love!

P.S. My cat, Boo, besides making me bleed with love, also makes me literally bleed. I want points. And I want them NOW.

(10 pints donated | donate blood today!)

According to Japan [15 Feb 2006|04:18pm]

Though there's no proven relationship between blood type and personality, this is especially interesting to blood buddies.


Speaking of Japan, Bunny has decreed that Japan is simply West Korea in the same way that China is East Korea. South Korea and North Korea are still South Korea and North Korea. "Thanks to Bunny, it's now a lot easier to tell Chinese people from Japanese people from Korean people- They're ALL Korean!"

(60 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[15 Jan 2006|02:41pm]

Also, check out the bloody-awesome new info page for the community. Feel free to comment if you want your picture removed, or a picture added.

(160 pints donated | donate blood today!)

Bunny the Conquerer [14 Jan 2006|10:16pm]

Well, to raise the general spirits of the Blood Buddy community, Bunny has issued this motivational short film. Actually, it's so short that it's actually only three frames long. Enjoy, Comrades! /Title: Bunny the Conquerer/ Rating: BB for graphic violence/ Plot summary: Bunny's squadron is attacked by Communist mammals. Blood Buddy Productions Presents...BUNNY THE CONQUERER Volume 1: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Bunny's squadron gets their triannual picture taken in front of a box of tube nuts. Meet Bunny, Robin Bird, Turkey Bird, Rodent Mouse, Puffin Bird, and Iguana Iguana! (Don't blame us for their lack of real names). Volume 2: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Bunny's squadron is unexpectedly, abrubtly, suddenly, out-of-nowhere attacked by a group of Communist Communists lead by Red Bull! Green Bear skillfully grips Robin Bird and Iguana Iguana in a headlock while Blue Bird pecks out the back of Rodent Mouse's ear! And there's even an Imposter Bunny! Volume 3: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Alas, The Great Bunny Conquerer conquers, winning the battle and leaving the opponents in a mass of carnage so graphic, the censors had to tint the picture red so you couldn't tell where all the blood was. Just so there's no doubt that Bunny is Great, the Red Bull holds out a white Surrender flag. Just so there's no doubt that the Red Bull holds a white surrender flag, I pointed it out to you. Anyway, Bunny is a merciful conquer, as clearly shown by the Bunny's Blood Buddy Brand Bandages (BBBBB) that Bunny is offering. THE END.

(40 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[14 Jan 2006|09:28pm]

And so it was dictated!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(40 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[09 Jan 2006|01:09pm]

So Yan, I was wondering, do girls get extra blood buddy points for their periods? I know it's not all blood, in fact it's mostly not blood, but still, there is some blood/bleeding involved. And what of one of us loses our virginity, do we blood buddy points for that? Sorry to be OMFG GROSS WIERD DISGUSTING etc but hey, blood's blood, and I was wondering.


(donate blood today!)

Bunny Report [03 Jan 2006|07:39pm]

Hear ye, hear ye...blood buddy dictator of the year is Lauren/Lurn again by default for not dying during the past year, since nobody else has submitted any merits. Congrats on your achievement Lauren!

Blood Buddies now has approximately 0 members at McKinley. However, we hear there's fugitive pigeons hiding out in the fourth/fifth floor that the janitor never got rid of, so somebody needs to volunteer to learn to bird-catch (forest park is a great place to practice, I hear). Bunny will award you 200 points for Purposeful Bird Harrassment/Risking Avian Flu.

Ryan, Blood Buddy Member (Stupid/Stupendous Merits include geting 10+ cuts in the ankle with a weed whacker and then counting the number of cuts for blood buddy points), has now ventured into The School-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named (because I can't spell it). He is spreading the Blood Buddy Manifesto to the natives there; however, they are unresponsive and do not seem to understand Blood Buddies (because they are not joining up). Ryan will be awarded 10 Premeditated Brain-Washing points for each convert, and an "I Voted" sticker while supplies last.

Bunny says, "Long Live Blood Buddies and Chairman Bunny!"

(10 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[19 Sep 2005|10:47am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi all, I'm Julie. Type O Negative. I just donated for the first time on Wednesday despite my fear of needles (which I'm taking control of by making sure I get stuck with them often). I found out my type recently and decided I couldn't keep it all to myself anymore.
Question: is it normal for the site of the needle's insertion to become more bruised by the day? The day after I wasn't bruised at all, but Friday until today (Monday) it's getting steadily more bruised.. oh well. Good cause, right? ;)

(donate blood today!)

Hear ye, hear ye [18 Sep 2005|04:49pm]

Lauren, I'm afraid your term is almost over. As a matter a fact, it ended a very long time ago but you're in office still because there's no other candidates. So, unless anyone proposes a challenge, Lauren Lee is BB Dicatator for Life (I know this goes against the first sentence of this announcement, but Newton's Third Law of Motion states that everything goes against something, so there.)

As Rachel so discreetly pointed out, we have a new member. Yippee, our membership just went up by about 20%.


(10 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[18 Sep 2005|11:16am]

A new member, and it's someone we don't even know! Finally.


Yan, or is it Lauren? Whoever the director is, would you do some sort of something about this.

(30 pints donated | donate blood today!)

As BB dictator... [22 Aug 2005|09:10pm]

[ mood | bloodthirsty ]

I demand a human sacrifice. Those are usually bloody.

Pick amongst yourselves.

(20 pints donated | donate blood today!)

LL is BB! [02 Jul 2005|08:34pm]


Name: Lauren Lee

Blood Type: We don't know yet, but we don't care.

Talent: Drawing Bunny cartoons.

Was preceded by: The Ryan Eversole Administration. (The Ryan Eversole administration began on the night of the McKinley Dance performance in May 2005. Eversole, who had come up with a few small blood accidents even before his inaugruation, was finally given the office upon notification that he had recieved 16 bloody gashes in the shin during a weed-whacker accident.)

Opponent: Sarah Hirchfield, cat victim.

Won dictator for: Drawing blood! In the summer! During the weekend! Before the fourth of July! And fainting! (Alright, so there's really no good reason Lauren became dictator. Bunny doesn't care).

And now, a few words from Lauren The Dictator! Let's pretend this is her inaugruation speech, k?

"Today I got my blood drawn. It wasn't very painful, nor was the fainting afterwards. I didn't even realize I fainted, I had to ask my mom. When I woke up, I was on the ground in front of the elevator. But I was thinking I might've sat down and fall asleep... haha

Then we [my mom and I] went to IHOP. Boy, those funnel cakes there are de-lee-shus. So are their hash browns. Mmm."

There you have it, folks! Lauren's courageous account of BLOOD DRAWING and FAINTING and THINKING SHE HAD FALLEN ASLEEP IN FRONT OF THE ELEVATOR and IHOP and HASH BROWNS. Remember the last part about IHOP, kids! They may be sponsoring us!

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huz...oops, gotta go.

(This public announcment paid for by BUNNY)

(30 pints donated | donate blood today!)

Bleeding Christ! [08 Jun 2005|10:32am]

[ mood | amused ]

My cat, Boo, keeps on scratching me and scratching me. I mean, it's all in play, but geez!

Of course, he's so adorable, I can't help but love him and play with his little paws.

Since he keeps making me bleed, I thought I could get some points for that.

P.S. I am AB positive.

(20 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[11 Mar 2005|08:42pm]

So Thursday, I was in English class. And we were standing out in the field across the street, playing a game.

And as the game is going on (we were standing in a cirlce insulting each other), I notice my left foot is considerably red. Taking a closer glance, I realize I have some sort of cut on my big toe and it was/is bleeding profusely.

At about the same time the class noticed and everybody EWWWWed. Mr. Ruther sent me to the nurse, where I got cleaned up.

I had someone how torn the nail of my toe, and it bled alllll over the place, staining my sandel. There's still a dark spot! I know.

It was pretttty bloooody, I tell you.

(140 pints donated | donate blood today!)

[02 Feb 2005|12:22am]

Sarah, Lauren, and Chthonius have joined blood buddies community. Plus 25 points for each of them.

Chthonius' Point-Givaway jackpot has increased to 62 points. Yay Chthonius, first person in history to win two Blood Buddy points for wittiness.

Also, Congrats to Jasmine. plus 10 points for finding her blood type (b) and plus another 10 for commenting.

Plus two points to both Arelle and Tulsi for responding with the info I asked.

JOE P. was considered to be a member today...the only problem we had is that he's pretty hard to keep track of. However, if he had been a member, he would have recieved 25 points today for Bloodiness. Regrettably, it was only a little finger-bleed; however, this was the first bleeding of the season. Congrats to JOE, the not-quite-member.

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