Nameless (r_flautist) wrote in blood_buddies,

Bunny Report

Hear ye, hear ye...blood buddy dictator of the year is Lauren/Lurn again by default for not dying during the past year, since nobody else has submitted any merits. Congrats on your achievement Lauren!

Blood Buddies now has approximately 0 members at McKinley. However, we hear there's fugitive pigeons hiding out in the fourth/fifth floor that the janitor never got rid of, so somebody needs to volunteer to learn to bird-catch (forest park is a great place to practice, I hear). Bunny will award you 200 points for Purposeful Bird Harrassment/Risking Avian Flu.

Ryan, Blood Buddy Member (Stupid/Stupendous Merits include geting 10+ cuts in the ankle with a weed whacker and then counting the number of cuts for blood buddy points), has now ventured into The School-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named (because I can't spell it). He is spreading the Blood Buddy Manifesto to the natives there; however, they are unresponsive and do not seem to understand Blood Buddies (because they are not joining up). Ryan will be awarded 10 Premeditated Brain-Washing points for each convert, and an "I Voted" sticker while supplies last.

Bunny says, "Long Live Blood Buddies and Chairman Bunny!"
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