Nameless (r_flautist) wrote in blood_buddies,

Bunny the Conquerer

Well, to raise the general spirits of the Blood Buddy community, Bunny has issued this motivational short film. Actually, it's so short that it's actually only three frames long. Enjoy, Comrades! /Title: Bunny the Conquerer/ Rating: BB for graphic violence/ Plot summary: Bunny's squadron is attacked by Communist mammals. Blood Buddy Productions Presents...BUNNY THE CONQUERER Volume 1: Image hosted by Bunny's squadron gets their triannual picture taken in front of a box of tube nuts. Meet Bunny, Robin Bird, Turkey Bird, Rodent Mouse, Puffin Bird, and Iguana Iguana! (Don't blame us for their lack of real names). Volume 2: Image hosted by Bunny's squadron is unexpectedly, abrubtly, suddenly, out-of-nowhere attacked by a group of Communist Communists lead by Red Bull! Green Bear skillfully grips Robin Bird and Iguana Iguana in a headlock while Blue Bird pecks out the back of Rodent Mouse's ear! And there's even an Imposter Bunny! Volume 3: Image hosted by Alas, The Great Bunny Conquerer conquers, winning the battle and leaving the opponents in a mass of carnage so graphic, the censors had to tint the picture red so you couldn't tell where all the blood was. Just so there's no doubt that Bunny is Great, the Red Bull holds out a white Surrender flag. Just so there's no doubt that the Red Bull holds a white surrender flag, I pointed it out to you. Anyway, Bunny is a merciful conquer, as clearly shown by the Bunny's Blood Buddy Brand Bandages (BBBBB) that Bunny is offering. THE END.
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