Nameless (r_flautist) wrote in blood_buddies,

Blood Buddies Goes Public

Hear ye, hear ye for this tremendous day in history . . .

In case you don't have a calender, it's Friday, June 2nd, 2006 AD in this hemisphere . . .

But anyway, on this tremendous day in history . . .

Actually, it could also be June 2nd, 18 A.B. (Anno Bunni), approximating Bunny's age . . .

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, on this tremendous day in history . . .


And our awe-inspiring dictator has also created the First-Ever, Unheard-Of, Never-Before Seen, Completely New and Astonishing Blood Buddies Facebook Community (FEUNBSCNABBFC).

But alas, we don't have enough impressive officer titles to make ourselves look like a pompous, exclusive society. So I made a list of impressive officer titles that mean absolutely nothing. You can claim them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

1) Acclaimed Acronym and Alliteration Approver (AAAAA)
2) Secretary of Office Supplies . . . and Homeland Security
3) Commander of Unarmed Forces
4) Mail Inspector for Postal-Service Vacation Days Only
5) IQ Metric Converter (converts your IQ to the metric system, so French people won't think you're dumb)
6) Head of Blood Buddies Relations with Kidney Kids and other degenerate groups.
7) Publisher of ID-10-T forms
8) Timekeeper (must be able to keep track of at least 10 real time zones and 5 imaginary ones sanctioned by the Theory of Relativity)
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