Nameless (r_flautist) wrote in blood_buddies,

Sarah, Lauren, and Chthonius have joined blood buddies community. Plus 25 points for each of them.

Chthonius' Point-Givaway jackpot has increased to 62 points. Yay Chthonius, first person in history to win two Blood Buddy points for wittiness.

Also, Congrats to Jasmine. plus 10 points for finding her blood type (b) and plus another 10 for commenting.

Plus two points to both Arelle and Tulsi for responding with the info I asked.

JOE P. was considered to be a member today...the only problem we had is that he's pretty hard to keep track of. However, if he had been a member, he would have recieved 25 points today for Bloodiness. Regrettably, it was only a little finger-bleed; however, this was the first bleeding of the season. Congrats to JOE, the not-quite-member.
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